Women's Yoga

Enhance your strength, flexibility, and inner balance in a supportive community. Join us today to transform your wellness!

‚úď ¬†Improved strength and flexibility¬†that will help ease any aches or pains like back, neck and shoulder pain

‚úď ¬†Feel energised and balanced¬†by practicing gentle yet effective yoga workouts and proven meditation techniques

‚úď ¬†Destress and feel relaxed¬†through mindful movements and proven yogic practices



Ready to feel stronger and healthier?

Join our Women's Wellness program to learn:

  • Yoga postures to build¬†strength, balance and flexibility
  • Yogic knowledge for a mindful living
  • Breathing practices to¬†eliminate stress and tension
  • Meditation practices¬†to feel relaxed¬†and rejuvenated
  • Practical healthy habits for optimal weight and health.

These sessions are also a great option for postnatal moms looking to support their post-birth recovery, gently tone, and strengthen their bodies.

: Cranbourne West Community Hub.

Saturdays, 8 am to 9am.


Benefits of joining our Women's Yoga Program



Strength and Flexibility

Build strength and flexibility with gentle and effective yoga flows.

Stress Reduction

Manage stress and anxiety with breathing and meditation techniques.

Pain Relief

Ease aches and pains through stretches and strengthening practices.

Hormonal Balance

Learn practices to regulate hormonal imbalances.

Postnatal recovery

Practices to help new moms recover and regain their strength.

Weight management

Achieve optimal weight through effective workouts, mindfulness and stress reduction.

Participant Feedback


These sessions are a good mix of strength, mobility and relaxation, leaving you feeling more relaxed and energised after each session.


I enjoy these classes a lot and they have helped improve my stress level, circulation and blood pressure.


Ragini's yoga sessions helped my stiff back and legs immensely. Her methodical approach and variety of poses make me look forward to every session.


I'd never tried yoga before, and my anxiety was high. However, as soon as I walked into the room, I felt welcome. Modifications were provided so that everyone, no matter ability/aches, could participate.
I have also really enjoyed learning about the principles of yoga and how to integrating them into my daily life.
Highly recommend these sessions!


I always feel more happier, energetic and relaxed after every class. Each session with Ragini is different and engaging.


I really enjoy the classes and the atmosphere. Ragini not only focuses on yoga but also teaches the importance of breathing and self-awareness.

Pricing Plans



per session

  • No commitment required
  • Buy¬†a pass as per your availability¬†
  • Pay as you go



10 Class Pass


Best Value!

  • Signup for a¬†complete yoga program
  • Discounted rates. Save $70
  • Access to¬†our private participants group
  • Home practice¬†guide

Meet Ragini


Meet Ragini, the founder of Mother’z Yoga and a mom to two boys. Ragini's journey into Yoga began with the Art of Living’s Happiness Program, which sparked a big change in her. Since then, Yoga has been her go-to for over 16 years.

For the past ten years, Ragini has been sharing the benefits of Yoga with women all over Australia, offering both regular Yoga and Pre and Postnatal Yoga classes.

Ragini's teaching style blends fun yoga flows with profound yogic wisdom for mindful living. Her classes incorporate Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation, providing a holistic practice for her students.


  • Pre Teachers Training Program
  • Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • Pre¬†and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training - One Heart Yoga & Meditation
  • Pre¬†and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training - Bliss Baby Yoga¬†

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